Bespoke Jewellery

I offer a bespoke jewellery service where I pair your vision with my craft skills to create your perfect piece of jewellery.

This could be anything from a christening gift to a wedding ring, a bridesmaids brooch to a hinged keepsake locket. I work in silver or gold and can incorporate gemstones, such as a person’s birthstone, or simply a stone of their favourite colour.

I can collaborate with you as closely or remotely as you wish, some customers prefer to meet in person initially to discuss their requirements, while others are happy to interact throughout via email.

You may have strong idea of what you want and how the finished piece should look, or you may have a theme you would like followed but are happy to leave the designing to me, I can accomodate both styles and I will run potential designs past you for approval before starting to make the item.

I advise that you allow up to three months from start to finish for a bespoke project, this allows me to spend the appropriate time on planning as well as making, finishing and hallmarking the item. However it is understandable that sometimes an idea for a special keepsake jewellery item only presents itself nearer to the event, and I will always try to accommodate in such circumstances.

Use the contact form on my homepage to enquire and Iโ€™ll be happy to discuss your project with you.

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