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I’m Jenny Gartside, a jeweller from Buxton in the Peak District.

I first studied jewellery and silversmithing at college in Sheffield. I now run my own small jewellery business where I design and make everything by hand from my home workshop.

I work in silver mostly, with a little gold thrown in for good measure. I often use gemstones in my work, with peridot being a particular favourite to work with just because I love the rich green colour.

Peridot rectangle pendant, silver

My signature style pieces are my silver square range which are set with gemstones and often have a rough, rusty hammer textured background. While these have always been popular with customers, I also just love the look of them so I end up making them a lot!

Emerald square earrings and pendant, silver

I take particular interest in the art of hand engraving using a traditional handheld graver (burin). I decorate many of my jewellery pieces with this, as it opens up a whole world of decorative possibilities. A popular range which uses engraving are my musical pin badges, each one I craft from silver, copper or brass sheet and engrave the detail by hand.

Music pin badge range

A lot of my inspiration comes from the natural world, and I always have my camera at the ready when out walking so that I can capture new or interesting textures, shapes or patterns to replicate on jewellery at home (a lot of leaves, twigs, bark, seeds and feathers make their way home for work, either on my camera roll or in my pockets!).

I also get inspiration from the ancient world. I find Viking and Saxon jewellery absolutely fascinating and I sometimes create pieces in this style.

Saxon cross brooch, set with a garnet. (Currently on display at the Hilliard Society of Miniaturists Exhibition at Wells Town Hall, 5-12th June 2021)

If you like my style of work but can’t see exactly what you want on here after browsing my shop, please feel free to get in touch (using the contact form below) as I do take commissions.

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